Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer
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Thank you, David … My own cancer experience left me somewhat frustrated when I asked about eating in a way to complement chemo/radiation. I was looking for a little more from the referred dietician than a picture of the food pyramid! (Pam, 1/11/17)

I am several years post diagnosis and doing my own research … Am recommending your book to all my friends in a similar situation. (Dale Hamilton, 19/11/15)

I loved this book. My mother is fighting cancer. I’ve researched extensively … it does get confusing. This book is excellent at clearing up the confusion … references for everything he claims … provides you with details many other anti-cancer books omit: how to optimally prepare the food to enhance the anti-cancer mechanisms … you get confidence that what you are doing works … This book is currently my favourite resource … a must-read for any cancer patient or family member … a shame such a great book was never recommended to me by Amazon … I felt like I’d struck gold (Amazon review Tiago H, Sep 27 2015)

We got the book from one of your patients … My partner is a bit of a health freak and has read many books on cancer and as soon as he read it, wanted me to get a copy for us as well as my Dad. He’s even told his own doctor to get a copy to increase his nutritional knowledge … It is refreshing to find a doctor who has knowledge on nutrition (Linda 28/2/15)

I believe that, given the breast cancer I had was low grade … that I can now support my body with diet, exercise and emotional well-being. I am extremely interested in the FACP and what it involves. Throughout my cancer experience, not once has addressing these fundamental issues been raised. The radiology oncologist raised her eyebrows when I made reference to lifestyle at my consultation. I’m a registered nurse and understand how closed some mainstream medical practitioners can be. (Sarah, 17/10/17)

I had a mastectomy 3 months ago … I was feeling very vulnerable when I decided to go off the hormone therapy … I realized I’d better change my diet  - went to the library and amongst a few others got your book out. I immediately went out and bought it so I could underline it and earmark the pages … it was the first time I really understood anything about cancer … to be able to visualize what broccoli actually does to cancer cells … For people like me who are not very scientific, it’s been a brilliant find! … In the age of the internet it’s not a matter of too little information … but too many. I certainly wasn’t up to wading through it all when I was at my lowest. So thank you for doing that heavy work for people like me … it deserves to get as wide an audience as possible (Susan S 29/3/16)

My cousin has brain cancer … We came across your book among many others at the local library. We have read it and found your book the most helpful and valuable from all of the similar books (Agnes Westfall, 30/11/15)

… simple, concise and very practical. It’s been the only book that I’ve given to my father (80 years old undergoing chemotherapy for bowel cancer) that he’s actually taken on board! He originally wanted to beat the cancer naturally but when I gave him information on Gerson therapy, Ian Gawler and the rest, he literally threw them back at me … Your book has made it so much easier for him to understand (and believe!) the dietary information that I’ve tried to give him, so thank you from the bottom of my heart (Linda A  27/2/15)

… diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a great surgeon and breast care nurse, but when I asked about diet, the reply was to eat healthy. I remember thinking: I need more information … a friend advised me to read your book … I offered it to (the Associate Professor at the cancer institute) and … the integrative GP (Robin J, 27/6/16)

… recommended to me by my GP, after discussing with her my dilemmas about my weight gain and diet following surgery, chemo, and now hormone therapy for breast cancer. I am an Occupational Therapist and have been amazed about the lack of concrete information about this topic in my own profession let alone across the general public. My own surgeon and oncologist here in Brisbane have been likewise not a lot of help in this regard. (Amanda G 13/4/16)   

My wife had cancer 2 years ago which has plunged us into Dr Google, naturopaths, supplements and the realm of superfoods in search for what can be done to increase her likelihood of survival. David’s book makes sense in the minefield that one encounters … provides clarity as to what and how … in a language that a layman can comprehend

An excellent well written book – simple, concise and practical, and the only book on cancer-fighting foods that my 80 year old father didn’t throw back at me. It’s one of the only books I’ve found that actually gives the science behind why we should be including certain foods in our diet … able to apply the knowledge … now a lot more confident (Amazon review sunnystraddie 27/2/15)

there are lots of books about food that fight cancer but none is as clear and details (sic) as what you have written … for example I never knew (the secrets) about garlic and turmeric. I picked up your book from the library … ordered a couple … to circulate among my friends and family (Lee 23/8/15)

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