Learn about common foods that provide a dose of medicine against cancer, every day

With a career spanning over 20 years treating cancer as a surgeon, Dr David Wilkinson of Brisbane, Australia has seen it all. His patients were coming to him for advice on what they could do to prevent cancer from returning and to help their families avoid having to go through what they did. His book crystallizes the available scientific evidence into an easy to understand practical handbook.


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This Book Is Changing Lives!

Written by surgical oncologist Dr David Wilkinson, ‘Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer?’ is a healthy handbook that combines science, medicine and not-so-common sense.

I loved this book. My mother is fighting cancer. I’ve researched extensively … it does get confusing. This book is excellent at clearing up the confusion … references for everything he claims … provides you with details many other anti-cancer books omit: how to optimally prepare the food to enhance the anti-cancer mechanisms … you get confidence that what you are doing works … This book is currently my favourite resource … a must-read for any cancer patient or family member … a shame such a great book was never recommended to me by Amazon … I felt like I’d struck gold (Amazon review Tiago H, Sep 27 2015)

there are lots of books about food that fight cancer but none is as clear and details (sic) as what you have written … for example I never knew (the secrets) about garlic and turmeric. I picked up your book from the library … ordered a couple … to circulate among my friends and family (Lee 23/8/15)

… diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a great surgeon and breast care nurse, but when I asked about diet, the reply was to eat healthy. I remember thinking: I need more information … a friend advised me to read your book … I offered it to (the Associate Professor at the cancer institute) and … the integrative GP (R.J, 27/6/16)

Dr David S Wilkinson


Dr David S Wilkinson graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Queensland, and in 1996, completed his training as a general surgeon with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He subsequently furthered his oncological expertise in the subspecialty of Breast and Endocrine Surgery, both in Australia and England. He has treated thousands of cancer patients over the last twenty years in his capacity as a specialist Breast and Endocrine Surgeon.

Having published scientific papers in peer-reviewed medical journals, Dr David S Wilkinson has regularly been invited to speak at cancer conferences. Whilst his current practice centres on the breast and thyroid, Dr Wilkinson has also managed a wide variety of other cancers.

“Can food be medicine against cancer?”was written in response to repeated requests from his patients for information about the potential benefits of the right food.

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