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With a career spanning over 25 years treating cancer as a surgeon, Dr David Wilkinson of Brisbane, Australia has seen it all. His patients come to him for advice on what they can do to prevent cancer from returning and to help their families avoid having to go through what they did

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Written by surgical oncologist Dr David Wilkinson, ‘Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer?’ combines science, medicine and not-so-common sense to take you on a tour of the top foods that protect against cancer and learn the scientific reasons why these foods are effective.

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The Food Against Cancer Program is an expanding library of videos and resources developed by David which go hand-in-hand his book. You will also gain access to exclusive content Frequently Asked Questions and David’s reviews of related literature and media.

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This webinar introduces you to the scientific principles that can be utilised to turn off cancer cells. You will learn the concepts of starving cancer, triggering cancer cell suicide, blocking the signals that make cancers grow, and how these strategies synergise for a multiplied effect.

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