Discerning fact from fiction : Mushrooms and iodine

I receive all sorts of newsletters, links, articles and so forth on the subject of the role of nutrition in managing cancer, and I see a wide range of material from good information to half truths, from “re-tweeted” tips to interesting recipes, and from well-referenced articles to astonishing nonsense! Fact or Fiction? The video clip I…

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Amazing Myrosinase – The Broccoli Booster

When I started looking at the science of food against cancer, one of the things that really caught my attention was the chemistry of broccoli. You might have thought broccoli was boring – but not anymore! Broccoli fights cancer Broccoli and other crucifer vegetables are able to prevent cancer cells from dividing, invading tissues, or…

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Berries – More than a pretty antioxidant

When I first mention in conversation that I am writing about how certain foods work against cancer, a common response is, “Oh yes … antioxidants.”  Everyone seems to know the word and that we need plenty of them to be healthy. I then point out that there are many other ways in which plants fight…

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Everyday Superfoods

In my book, I describe my Top Ten foods against cancer, and then list another four which are up there, too. These are all items which are quite readily accessible and able to be incorporated in the diet simply and inexpensively. They may be relatively common, but are still “super”in  my opinion. This is in…

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