Part 1: Intro and Who Is Dr David Wilkinson?

What is this all about? Is this information for you? Who is Dr David Wilkinson? What are his qualifications? Why is he talking about food against cancer? Where did he get his information?
Dr Wilkinson talks about what causes cancer and the magnitude of the problem. He explains categories of evidence including population studies, laboratory research, and randomized controlled trials, and how these apply to the field of anticancer nutrition.
Here you are introduced to the scientific principles that can be utilized to turn off cancer cells. You will learn about the concepts of starving cancer, triggering cancer cell suicide, blocking the signals that make cancers grow, and how these strategies synergize for a multiplied effect.
The stars of the show are garlic, turmeric, and green tea. Perhaps you have already heard about these as cancer-fighting foods (and drink), but Dr Wilkinson goes further by revealing the secrets to optimizing their actions. If you don’t apply this information, you could be receiving only a fraction of the potential benefits.
Dr Wilkinson encourages you to pursue this nutritional approach against cancer. He explains how you can learn more in order to take this further, and offers to provide ongoing guidance.