Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer?

Does eating certain foods make any difference against cancer?
How do I know which foods to eat?
Can I really trust what I read?

In answering these questions, surgical oncologist Dr David Wilkinson, points out that nearly all cancers are not primarily genetic, but are influenced by factors under our control, including what we eat.

You will be taken on a tour of the top foods that protect against cancer and learn the scientific reasons why these foods are effective. Discover how cancer cells work and what turns them off.

You’ll find practical advice on food selection and preparation, followed by detailed evidence drawn from an abundance of research on the subject.

This book will change the way you look at food forever, and point you in the right direction to achieving cancer-resistant health for life.


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I loved this book. My mother is fighting cancer. I’ve researched extensively … it does get confusing. This book is excellent at clearing up the confusion … references for everything he claims … provides you with details many other anti-cancer books omit: how to optimally prepare the food to enhance the anti-cancer mechanisms … you get confidence that what you are doing works … This book is currently my favourite resource … a must-read for any cancer patient or family member … a shame such a great book was never recommended to me by Amazon … I felt like I’d struck gold (Amazon review Tiago H, Sep 27 2015)

there are lots of books about food that fight cancer but none is as clear and details (sic) as what you have written … for example I never knew (the secrets) about garlic and turmeric. I picked up your book from the library … ordered a couple … to circulate among my friends and family (Lee 23/8/15)

… diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a great surgeon and breast care nurse, but when I asked about diet, the reply was to eat healthy. I remember thinking: I need more information … a friend advised me to read your book … I offered it to (the Associate Professor at the cancer institute) and … the integrative GP (Robin Jenkins, 27/6/16)

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