1. Broccoli

Learn about two critical cancer-blocking substances contained in the crucifer vegetables, their proven effects on cancer, and how to use them for maximum results.
Here we answer the questions: Which berries are best? How do they work against cancer? (More than just a pretty antioxidant!). Which cancer types are most affected? How many to eat?
We examine the scientific evidence, the many mechanisms of action, the secrets to improved absorption, and ways to enjoy it!
Key information on human population and lab studies, anticancer chemistry, how to use it in the kitchen, and how much you need.
All about the power of Omega-3 oils and lignans from flaxseeds as part of your armamentarium: evidence, actions and preparation.
I discuss the different types, the research in animals and humans, how beta-glucans in mushrooms prime your immune system against cancer, and how to practically apply all this.
Discover the difference between the kinds of tea, the evidence for green tea against specific cancer types, how it works at a cellular level, and critical keys to proper preparation.
Learn about the many anticancer molecules in grapes (not just resveratrol), sources of resveratrol (how good is red wine really?), and how to choose the best grapes to eat.
Nutrition is a foundational component of your plan whatever else you may be doing, but make sure you draw in the benefits of exercise, sunshine, and making your mind your friend.